City of North Adams, MA
Berkshire County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I In General

Sec. 2-1 Council meetings.

Sec. 2-2 Annual report of City officers.

Sec. 2-2.1 Reporting minutes of boards and commissions.

Sec. 2-3 Oath of office.

Sec. 2-4 Board of License Commissioners.

Sec. 2-5 Identification and operation of City vehicles.

Sec. 2-6 Assignment of numbers.

Sec. 2-7 Taking City vehicles, etc., outside City limits.

Article II Regulations Generally Concerning Employment of Officers and Employees

Sec. 2-8 Scope of article.

Sec. 2-9 Budgetary limitations.

Sec. 2-10 Office hours.

Sec. 2-11 Hours of employment.

Sec. 2-12 Vacation periods.

Sec. 2-13 Disability of firemen and policemen resulting from performance of duty.

Sec. 2-14 Disability of officers and employees not resulting from performance of duty.

Sec. 2-14.1 Physical examination prerequisite to employment; exceptions.

Sec. 2-15 Exceptions to sections 2-13 and 2-14.

Sec. 2-16 Report of disability.

Sec. 2-17 Verification of disability.

Sec. 2-18 Examination by City physician during disability.

Sec. 2-19 Absence for personal reasons.

Sec. 2-20 Absences not deductible from vacation.

Sec. 2-21 Compensation for absence on holidays, except as otherwise provided in this article.

Sec. 2-22 through Sec.  2-24. (Reserved)

Sec. 2-25 Call in pay.

Sec. 2-26 Permanent personnel insurance.

Article III Classification and Pay Plans

Sec. 2-27 Classification plan.

Sec. 2-28 Compensation plan.

Sec. 2-29 Job titles.

Sec. 2-30 Compensation of employees generally.

Sec. 2-31 Civil Service Law.

Sec. 2-31.1 through Sec. 2-31.4. (Reserved)

Sec. 2-31.5 Payment of unused sick leave upon retirement.

Article IV City Clerk

Sec. 2-32 Election; duties generally.

Sec. 2-33 Duty to notify officers, etc., of certain councilmanic action.

Sec. 2-34 Assistant City Clerk.

Article V City Solicitor

Sec. 2-35 Qualifications; legal advisor to city; legal services account; litigation defense account.

Sec. 2-36 Duties generally.

Sec. 2-37 Duty to furnish legal opinions.

Sec. 2-37.1 Secretarial-clerical assistance.

Article VI City Treasurer and Tax Collector

Sec. 2-38 Duties generally; bond.

Sec. 2-39 Care of books, vouchers, records, etc., information to City Mayor, Auditor, etc.

Sec. 2-40 Duty to collect all taxes and other accounts due City.

Sec. 2-40.1 Collection of taxes and accounts from licensees and permittees.

Sec. 2-40.2 Payment agreements for tax title properties.

Sec. 2-41 Depositing funds.

Sec. 2-42 Payment of bills.

Sec. 2-43 Perpetual care funds.

Sec. 2-44 Service of legal process on treasurer.

Sec. 2-45 Deductions from salaries for credit unions.

Article VII City Auditor

Sec. 2-46 Election.

Sec. 2-47 Duties generally.

Sec. 2-48 Approval of bills.

Sec. 2-49 Statement of appropriations.

Sec. 2-49.1 Statement of revenues.

Sec. 2-50 Assistant City auditor.

Article VIII through XII. (Reserved)

Sec. 2-51 through Sec. 2-74. (Reserved)

Article XIII Board of Assessors

Sec. 2-75 Establishment; composition.

Sec. 2-76 Appointment; terms; vacancy.

Sec. 2-77 Organization; quorum.

Sec. 2-78 Duties generally.

Sec. 2-79 Abatements.

Article XIV Planning Board

Sec. 2-80 Establishment; composition; term of office.

Sec. 2-81 Organization; assistants, etc.

Sec. 2-82 Powers and duties.

Sec. 2-82.1 Fee schedule.

Article XV Centennial Committee

Sec. 2-83 Establishment.

Sec. 2-84 Appointment; terms of office; compensation.

Sec. 2-85 Officers; quorum; rules and regulations.

Sec. 2-86 Jurisdiction; powers and duties generally.

Sec. 2-86.1 Annual Report.

Article XVI Board of Appeals

Sec. 2-87 Appointment, composition and term of office.

Sec. 2-88 Associate members.

Sec. 2-89 Vacancies.

Sec. 2-90 Officers.

Sec. 2-91 Powers and duties generally.

Sec. 2-92 Rules.

Sec. 2-93 Time for appeal.

Sec. 2-94 Filing appeal.

Sec. 2-95 Hearing.

Sec. 2-96 Decisions on variations.

Sec. 2-97 Subdivision control.

Sec. 2-98 Reports and recommendations.

Article XVII Board of Health

Sec. 2-99 Appointment and term of office.

Sec. 2-100 Organization; quorum.

Sec. 2-101 Records.

Sec. 2-102 Powers and duties.

Sec. 2-102.1 Director of Health-Sanitarian.

Sec. 2-102.1a (Reserved)

Sec. 2-102.2 License and permit fees.

Article XVIII (Reserved)

Sec. 2-103 through Sec. 2-107. (Reserved)

Article XIX Airport Commission

Sec. 2-108 Establishment; composition; qualification.

Sec. 2-109 Appointment; terms.

Sec. 2-110 Organization; quorum; rules and regulations.

Sec. 2-111 Jurisdiction.

Sec. 2-112 Powers and duties generally.

Sec. 2-113 Airport manager, other employees.

Article XX Tree Commission

Sec. 2-114 Establishment; appointment; composition; terms of office, compensation.

Sec. 2-115 Meetings.

Sec. 2-116 Powers and duties.

Sec. 2-117 Records and report.

Article XXI Conservation Commission

Sec. 2-118 Establishment, composition and qualification.

Sec. 2-119 Appointments; terms of office.

Sec. 2-120 Organization; quorum.

Sec. 2-121 Duties.

Article XXII Capital Outlay Program

Sec. 2-122 Definitions.

Sec. 2-123 Submission by Mayor to council.

Sec. 2-124 Certain officers, etc., to assist Mayor in preparation, etc.; referral to planning Board.

Sec. 2-125 Separate tabulation of specified items.

Article XXIII Disposal of Personal Property

Sec. 2-126 Power to sell generally.

Sec. 2-127 Sale when value does not exceed $1,000.

Sec. 2-128 Sale when value exceeds $1,000.

Article XXIII-A Disposal of Property to Governmental Entities

Sec. 2-128A Sale of property to governmental entities—Generally.

Sec. 2-128A1 Same—Procedure.

Article XXIII-B Disposal of Real Estate

Sec. 2-128B Procedure.

Article XXIV Council for the Aging

Sec. 2-129 Created.

Sec. 2-130 Composition.

Sec. 2-131 Powers and duties.

Article XXV Industrial Development Financing Authority

Sec. 2-132 Establishment.

Article XXVI Human Services Commission

Sec. 2-133 Establishment; composition; qualification; compensation.

Sec. 2-134 Appointment; terms; vacancy.

Sec. 2-135 Organization; quorum.

Sec. 2-136 Meetings; rules.

Sec. 2-137 Powers and duties.

Sec. 2-138 Public hearings.

Sec. 2-139 Records and annual report.

Article XXVII Historical Commission

Sec. 2-140 Establishment; composition; qualification; compensation.

Sec. 2-141 Appointment; terms; vacancy.

Sec. 2-142 Organization; quorum.

Sec. 2-143 Meetings; rules.

Sec. 2-144 Powers and duties.

Sec. 2-145 Public hearings.

Sec. 2-146 Records and annual report.

Article XXVIII Office of Community Development

Sec. 2-147 Establishment; duties.

Sec. 2-147.1 Director.

Sec. 2-147.2 Planning coordinator.

Sec. 2-147.3 Compensation; additional staffing.

Sec. 2-147.4 Economic Development Director.

Sec. 2-148 (Reserved)

Article XXIX North Adams Commission on Disabilities

Sec. 2-149 Establishment; composition; qualifications; compensation.

Sec. 2-150 Appointment; terms; vacancy.

Sec. 2-151 Organization; quorum.

Sec. 2-152 Meetings; rules.

Sec. 2-153 Powers and duties.

Sec. 2-154 Records and annual report.

Article XXX Chief Procurement Officer

Sec. 2-155 Appointment.

Sec. 2-156 Powers and duties generally.

Sec. 2-157 Delegation of powers.

Article XXXI Traffic and Parking Control Department

Sec. 2-158 Establishment.

Sec. 2-159 Parking Clerk; duties.

Sec. 2-160 Parking Control Officer(s); duties.

Sec. 2-161 Compensation.

Article XXXII North Adams Scholarship Committee

Sec. 2-162 Establishment; composition; qualifications; compensation.

Sec. 2-163 Appointment; terms; vacancy.

Sec. 2-164 Organization; quorum.

Sec. 2-165 Meetings; rules.

Sec. 2-166 Powers and duties.

Article XXXIII North Adams Youth Commission

Sec. 2-167 Establishment; composition; qualifications; compensation.

Sec. 2-168 Appointment; terms; vacancy.

Sec. 2-169 Organization; quorum.

Sec. 2-170 Meetings; rules.

Sec. 2-171 Powers and duties.

Sec. 2-172 Public hearings.

Article XXXIV North Adams Public Arts Commission

Sec. 2-173 Definitions.

Sec. 2-174 Purpose; establishment.

Sec. 2-175 Membership; qualifications; appointment; terms; compensation; removal.

Sec. 2-176 Organization; quorum.

Sec. 2-177 Meetings; rules.

Sec. 2-178 Powers and duties.

Sec. 2-179 Public hearings.

Article XXXV Right to Farm

Sec. 2-180 Legislative purpose and intent.

Sec. 2-181 Definitions.

Sec. 2-182 Right to farm declaration.

Sec. 2-183 Disclosure notification.

Sec. 2-184 Severability clause.