City of Poughkeepsie, NY
Dutchess County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Applicability of zoning restrictions to Building Code — See Code of Ordinances Section 6-4.
Subdivision proposals in areas of special flood hazards — See Code of Ordinances Section 16-8.1.
General requirements and design standards of Subdivision Regulations — See Code of Ordinances Section 16-10.
Change of zoning regulations applicable to subdivision plat by Planning Board — See Code of Ordinances Section 16-12(b).
Municipal authority to regulate height, bulk, location of buildings, and other areas of open spaces — See § 20, Subdivision 24, of the General City Law.
Authority to regulate location of trades and industries and buildings designed for special uses — See § 20, Subdivision 25, of the General City Law
Provisions as to Board of Appeals, amendments, alterations and changes in district lines and exemption of lots — See § 81 through 83-a, General City Law.
Attachment 1 - Summary of Bulk Requirements Attachment 2 - Table A, Principal Use Table Attachment 3 - Figure 3, Proposed Waterfront Transit-Oriented Development (WTOD) District Attachment 4 - Regulating Plan, Blocks A through G Figures 4.1 through 4.8 Attachment 5 - Street Dimensions and Designs: Rinaldi Boulevard and Water Street Figures 5.1 through 5.4 Attachment 6 - Figure 6, Building Frontage Types Attachment 7 - Figure 7, Model Mid-Rise, Mixed-Use Historic Buildings
Article I Short Title, Purposes, and Interpretation

Section 19-1.1 Short title.

Section 19-1.2 Purposes.

Section 19-1.3 Interpretation.

Section 19-1.4 Greenway Connections.

Article II Definitions

Section 19-2.1 Usage.

Section 19-2.2 Definitions.

Article III District Regulations and Map

Section 19-3.1 List of districts.

Section 19-3.2 Zoning Map.

Section 19-3.3 Boundaries.

Section 19-3.4 Schedule controlling land and buildings.

Section 19-3.5 Applicability of district regulations to existing parcels and buildings and future developments.

Section 19-3.6 through Section 19-3.10. (Reserved)

Section 19-3.11 Statement of intent for residence districts.

Section 19-3.12 Low-Density Residence District (R-1).

Section 19-3.13 Medium Low-Density Residence District (R-2).

Section 19-3.13.1 Central Low-Density Residence District (R-2A).

Section 19-3.14 Medium-Density Residence District (R-3).

Section 19-3.15 Medium High-Density Residence District (R-4).

Section 19-3.16 High-Density Residence District (R-5).

Section 19-3.17 Urban Density Residence District (R-6).

Section 19-3.18 Planned Residential Development District (PRD).

Section 19-3.19 Central Urban Density Residence District (R-4A).

Section 19-3.19.1 Central Medium-Density Residence District (R-3A).

Section 19-3.20 Office-Residential District (O-R).

Section 19-3.21 Statement of intent for Commercial Districts.

Section 19-3.22 Neighborhood Commercial District (C-1).

Section 19-3.23 Central Commercial District (C-2).

Section 19-3.23.1 Main Street Commercial (C-2A).

Section 19-3.24 General Commercial District (C-3).

Section 19-3.25 Walkway-Gateway District (W-G).

Section 19-3.26 through Section 19-3.27. (Reserved)

Section 19-3.28 Statement of intent for industrial districts.

Section 19-3.29 Light Industrial District (I-1).

Section 19-3.30 General Industrial District (I-2).

Section 19-3.31 Research and Development District (R&D).

Section 19-3.32 (Reserved)

Section 19-3.33 Statement of intent for special districts.

Section 19-3.34 Waterfront district (W).

Section 19-3.35 Hospital-Medical District (H-M).

Section 19-3.36 Waterfront Transit-Oriented Development District (WTOD).

Section 19-3.37 (Reserved)

Article IV Supplementary Regulations

Section 19-4.1 Home occupations.

Section 19-4.2 Professional offices in residences.

Section 19-4.3 Off-street parking and loading.

Section 19-4.4 Off-street storage of recreation vehicles and commercial vehicles.

Section 19-4.5 Historic District and Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Section 19-4.6 Flood damage prevention.

Section 19-4.7 Swimming pools

Section 19-4.8 Tennis courts, paddle tennis courts and similar accessory recreation facilities.

Section 19-4.9 Signs.

Section 19-4.10 Open storage.

Section 19-4.11 Landscaping requirements.

Section 19-4.12 Supplementary lot, yard and bulk regulations.

Section 19-4.13 Location of accessory uses.

Section 19-4.14 Exceptions and modifications.

Section 19-4.15 Uniformity of exterior design and appearance of one-family and two-family dwellings.

Section 19-4.16 Cluster development.

Section 19-4.17 Environmental quality review.

Section 19-4.18 Setbacks for uses abutting Fallkill Creek.

Section 19-4.19 Miscellaneous provisions applicable to all districts.

Section 19-4.20 Restrictions applicable to mobile homes and modular homes.

Section 19-4.21 Satellite dish antennas.

Section 19-4.22 Student residences.

Article V Nonconforming Uses and Noncomplying Buildings

Section 19-5.1 Nonconforming uses.

Section 19-5.2 Noncomplying buildings.

Section 19-5.3 Repairs and maintenance.

Section 19-5.4 Violations.

Article VI Site Plan and Special Permits

Section 19-6.1 Site development plan approval.

Section 19-6.2 Special permit.

Section 19-6.3 Reservation of parkland; fees in lieu of reservation.

Article VII Administration and Enforcement

Section 19-7.1 Administration.

Section 19-7.2 Building permits.

Section 19-7.3 Change of use permit.

Section 19-7.4 Certificate of occupancy.

Section 19-7.4.1 Applications for inspections and certificates of occupancy for existing one-family dwellings.

Section 19-7.5 Certificate of conformance.

Section 19-7.6 Certificate of legal nonconformity.

Section 19-7.7 Records.

Section 19-7.8 Violations and penalties.

Article VIII Board of Appeals

Section 19-8.1 Establishment, appointment and organization.

Section 19-8.2 Board of Appeals procedure.

Section 19-8.3 Quorum and voting.

Section 19-8.4 Powers and duties.

Section 19-8.5 Rules of procedure.

Section 19-8.6 Decisions.

Section 19-8.7 Time limit on validity of variance.

Section 19-8.8 Withdrawal and resubmittal of application.

Section 19-8.9 Severability.

Section 19-8.10 Effective date.

Section 19-8.11 Former Article VIII repeal.

Article IX Payment of Professional Review Expenses

Section 19-9.1 Payment of expenses of professional review services.

Section 19-9.2 When and how deposit required.

Section 19-9.3 Amount of deposit.

Section 19-9.4 Replenishment of escrow.

Section 19-9.5 Payment of expenses.

Section 19-9.6 Failure to make deposit or replenishment.

Article X Severability and Amendments

Section 19-10.1 Severability.

Section 19-10.2 Amendments.

Article XI Effective Date

Section 19-11.1 Effective date.

Section 19-11.2 Earlier ordinance repeal.