City of Mission, KS
Johnson County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — As to unsafe or dangerous structures, ch. 510; as to signs, billboards and outdoor advertising, ch. 430; as to streets, sidewalks and other public places, ch. 515; as to public rights-of-way and utility easements, ch. 520.
Article I Working Hours On Construction Sites

Section 505.010 Hours.

Section 505.020 Exceptions.

Section 505.030 Penalty.

Article II Building Permits

Section 505.040 General Provisions.

Section 505.042 Applications.

Section 505.044 Conditions.

Section 505.046 Outside Sanitary Sewer Construction and Connection Permit Required.

Section 505.048 Connection With Sewer System Required.

Section 505.050 Separate Permits.

Article III Dish-Type Antenna

Section 505.052 Dish-Type Antenna — Residential Use.

Section 505.054 Dish-Type Antenna — Commercial or Industrial Use.

Article IV Blasting Regulations

Section 505.056 General.

Section 505.058 Preblasting Survey.

Section 505.060 Public Notification.

Section 505.062 Warning System.

Section 505.064 Over-Blasting.

Section 505.066 Notification.

Section 505.068 Blasting Schedule.

Section 505.070 Blasting Signs, Warnings and Access Control.

Section 505.072 Control of Adverse Effects.

Section 505.074 Records of Blasting Operations.

Section 505.076 Blaster.

Section 505.078 Enforcement, Violations and Penalties.

Article V Amusement Parks, Rides and Transportation

Section 505.080 Purpose.

Section 505.082 Scope.

Section 505.084 Definitions.

Section 505.086 Other Adopted Codes.

Section 505.088 Owners/Operators.

Section 505.090 Prohibited Use Notice and Resolution.

Section 505.092 Appeals.

Section 505.094 Adoption of Standard For Application Information Provisions.

Section 505.096 Adoption of Standard For Operation.

Section 505.098 Adoption of Standard For Performance Testing.

Section 505.100 Adopting of Standard For Maintenance.

Section 505.102 Adopting of Standard For Inspection.

Section 505.104 Adoption of Standard For Design and Manufacture.

Section 505.106 Adoption of Standard For Manufacturer Quality Assurance Program.

Section 505.108 Adoption of Standard For The Classification of Amusement Ride and Device Related Injuries and Illnesses.

Section 505.110 Adoption of Standard For Aerial Tramways and Lifts, Surface Lifts and Tows.

Section 505.112 Adoption of Standard For Fixed Guideway Transit Systems.

Section 505.114 Adoption of Standard For Automated People Movers.

Section 505.116 Amusement or Transportation System With Insufficient Data or Built To Other Standards.

Section 505.118 Penalties.

Section 505.120 through Section 505.150. (Reserved)

Article VI Moving of Buildings

Section 505.160 Permit Required.

Section 505.170 Contents of Permit Application.

Section 505.180 Approval of Application By Building Inspector.

Section 505.190 Fees Required.

Section 505.200 Completion Date.

Section 505.210 Issuance, Duration of Permit.

Section 505.220 Proof of Insurance.

Section 505.230 Performance Bond For Demolition Permit or Building Permit.

Section 505.240 Height of Building.

Section 505.250 Leaving Building Standing More Than One Hour.

Section 505.260 Violations.

Article VII Numbering of Buildings

Section 505.270 General Provisions.

Section 505.280 New Plans or Development.

Section 505.290 Powers and Duties.

Article VIII Screening of Rooftop or Ground-Mounted Mechanical Equipment for Non-Resident Buildings

Section 505.300 Requirements.

Article IX Private Swimming Pools

Section 505.310 Definitions.

Section 505.320 Permit Required.

Section 505.330 Application For Permit — Plans Required — Approval.

Section 505.340 Materials To Be Waterproof, Easily Cleaned.

Section 505.350 Construction and Design Generally.

Section 505.360 Recirculation, Filtration Systems Required.

Section 505.370 Maintenance Generally.

Section 505.380 Source of Water Supply.

Section 505.390 Backflow Protection Required.

Section 505.400 Discharge System.

Section 505.410 Compliance With Plumbing Code.

Section 505.420 Lighting.

Section 505.430 Compliance With Electrical Code.

Section 505.440 Location of Current-Carrying Conductors.

Section 505.450 Grounding of Metal Fences, Railings.

Section 505.460 Location of Pools.

Section 505.470 Enclosure of Pools.

Section 505.480 Safety Equipment Required.

Article X Solar Energy Systems

Section 505.490 Purpose.

Section 505.500 Definitions.

Section 505.510 Placement.

Section 505.520 Permits.

Section 505.530 Application.

Section 505.540 Solar Easements.

Section 505.550 Appeals.

Section 505.560 Enforcement.