City of Bowling Green, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 705.005 Water Use and Purchase.

Section 705.007 Water Sales.

Section 705.008 Requirement to Connect.

Section 705.010 Request for Water Taps — Fees.

Section 705.020 Requests for Water Taps — Outside City Limits.

Section 705.025 Requirements to Conform to MDNR.

Section 705.030 Permits Issued — When.

Section 705.040 City Stop — Location.

Section 705.050 Permit to Open Streets — Who Makes Taps.

Section 705.060 Record of Applications and Work Done.

Section 705.070 Use of Branches.

Section 705.080 Inspection of Water Superintendent.

Section 705.090 Water Superintendent Shall Have Access to Building.

Section 705.100 Application for Water for Building Purposes.

Section 705.110 Plumbing Work Kept in Repair.

Section 705.120 Water Not Be Turned on — Authorization.

Section 705.130 Liability for Damage and Breaks.

Section 705.140 Metering of Water.

Section 705.141 Metering Location.

Section 705.142 Metering Units.

Section 705.143 Meter Testing and Non-Registration of Water.

Section 705.144 Tampering With Equipment.

Section 705.150 Water Rates When Meter Fails to Register.

Section 705.160 Access to Buildings for Reading Meters.

Section 705.170 Water Deposit.

Section 705.180 Payment for Water Service.

Section 705.190 Penalty for Failure to Pay Rates When Due.

Section 705.195 Responsibility for Delinquent Accounts.

Section 705.200 City Has Right to Change and Alter Ordinance.

Section 705.210 Penalties.

Section 705.220 Water Rates.

Section 705.225 Water Rate to Contract Customer, State of Missouri.

Section 705.230 Water Rates Hauled From Water Plant.

Section 705.240 Water Rate Outside the City Limits.

Section 705.245 Water Rate to Contract Customer, AmerenUE.

Section 705.250 Primacy Fee.

Section 705.260 Liability for Water Used and Services Rendered.

Section 705.270 Notice of Termination of Service.

Article II Cross-Connection Control — General Policy

Section 705.280 Cross-Connection Control.

Section 705.290 Definitions.

Section 705.300 Cross-Connections Prohibited.

Section 705.310 Survey and Investigations.

Section 705.320 Type of Protection Required.

Section 705.330 Where Protection Is Required.

Section 705.340 Backflow Prevention Devices.

Section 705.350 Installation.

Section 705.360 Inspection and Maintenance.

Section 705.370 Violations.

Article III Lead Ban Policy

Section 705.380 Lead Ban — General Policy.

Section 705.390 Definitions.

Section 705.400 Lead Banned From Drinking Water Plumbing.

Article IV Water Conservation Measures

Section 705.410 Declaration.

Section 705.420 Notification.

Section 705.430 Application of Regulations.

Section 705.440 Water Use Limitations and Prohibitions.

Section 705.450 Exception to Maintain Sanitation.

Section 705.460 Penalties.