City of Shrewsbury, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Government Code

Chapter 100 General Provisions

Chapter 105 General Provisions Concerning Officials

Chapter 110 City Employees

Chapter 115 Elections

Chapter 120 Municipal Court

Chapter 125 Offices, Officers, and Commissioners

Chapter 130 Finances

Chapter 135 Purchasing System

Chapter 140 Firearms in City Buildings

Public Health, Safety and Welfare

Chapter 200 Police Department

Chapter 201 Fire Department

Chapter 205 Nuisances

Chapter 210 Offenses

Chapter 215 Abandonment of Vehicles

Chapter 220 Public Health

Chapter 225 Emergency Management

Chapter 230 Animal Regulations

Chapter 235 Stolen, Lost or Abandoned Property

Chapter 240 Alarm Systems

Chapter 245 Tree Trimming and Maintenance

Chapter 250 Fair Housing

Traffic Code

Chapter 300 General Provisions

Chapter 305 Traffic Administration

Chapter 310 Enforcement and Obedience To Traffic Regulations

Chapter 315 Traffic Control Devices

Chapter 320 Speed Regulations

Chapter 325 Turning Movements

Chapter 330 One-Way Streets and Alleys

Chapter 331 Traffic Regulations On Parking Lots and Shopping Centers

Chapter 335 Stop and Yield Intersections, Railroad Crossings, Etc.

Chapter 340 Miscellaneous Driving Rules

Chapter 342 Alcohol and Drug-Related Traffic Offenses

Chapter 345 Pedestrians' Rights and Duties

Chapter 350 Method of Parking

Chapter 355 Stopping, Standing or Parking Prohibited in Specified Places

Chapter 360 Stopping For Loading or Unloading Only

Chapter 365 Stopping, Standing or Parking Restricted or Prohibited On Certain Streets

Chapter 370 Traffic Violations Bureau

Chapter 375 Procedure On Arrest and Penalties

Chapter 378 Regulations For Bicycles

Chapter 380 School Bus Regulations

Chapter 383 Regulating The Kinds and Classes of Traffic On Certain Highways

Chapter 385 Vehicle Equipment

Chapter 390 Licensing

Schedule I One-Way Streets

Schedule II Through Streets

Schedule III Parking Prohibited At All Times

Schedule IV Parking Prohibited During Certain Hours

Schedule V Stopping, Standing or Parking During Certain Hours Prohibited

Schedule VI Parking Time Limited

Schedule VII Load Restrictions Upon Vehicles

Schedule VIII Commercial Vehicles Prohibited

Schedule IX Turning Movements Restricted

Schedule X Restricted Turns

Schedule XI Dangerous Intersections

Schedule XII Speed Limits

Schedule XIII Stop Signs

Schedule XIV Fire Lanes

Schedule XV Special Enforcement Traffic Zones

Land Use

Title IV Notes Notes and Appendixes

Chapter 400 Zoning - General Provisions

Chapter 405 Zoning Rules and Regulations

Chapter 410 Zoning Districts

Chapter 415 Off-Street Parking

Chapter 420 Plan Commission

Chapter 425 Office of Zoning Administrator

Chapter 430 Board of Adjustment

Chapter 435 Subdivision Regulations

Chapter 436 Tower, Antenna and Support Structure Regulations

Chapter 440 Zoning Changes and Amendments

Chapter 445 Storm Water Management, Grading and Erosion

Chapter 450 Enforcement, Violation and Penalty

Building and Construction

Chapter 500 Building Code Adoptions

Chapter 505 Adoption of County Electrical, Explosives, Mechanical and Weights and Measures Codes

Chapter 510 Plumbing Code

Chapter 515 Fire Prevention Code

Chapter 520 Swimming Pools

Chapter 525 Sidewalks

Chapter 530 Streets, Highways, Sidewalks and Other Thoroughfares

Chapter 535 Fences, Walls or Screens

Chapter 540 Minimum Housing Code

Chapter 545 Signs

Chapter 550 Dangerous Buildings

Business and Occupations

Chapter 600 Liquor Regulations

Chapter 605 Non-Intoxicating Beer Regulations

Chapter 610 Merchants', Manufacturers' Businesses' and Occupations' Licenses

Chapter 611 Adult and Sexually Oriented Businesses

Chapter 615 Solicitors, Canvassers, Peddlers, Etc.

Chapter 620 Cigarette Occupation Tax

Chapter 625 Coin-Operated Machines

Chapter 630 Dumps

Chapter 635 Massage Establishments

Chapter 640 Utilities

Chapter 645 Delinquent Taxes

Chapter 650 Cable Television

Cross Reference

Chapter CR Cross Reference