City of Smithville, MO
Clay County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 425.010 Title.

Section 425.020 Purpose and Intent.

Section 425.030 Authority.

Section 425.040 Applicability.

Section 425.050 Conformity With Zoning Regulations.

Section 425.060 Interpretation, Conflict and Separability.

Section 425.070 Effect on Pending Plats.

Section 425.080 Violations.

Section 425.090 Filing and Permit Fees.

Article II Definitions

Section 425.100 Definitions.

Article III Minimum Design Standards

Section 425.110 Blocks.

Section 425.120 Streets and Alleys.

Section 425.130 Lots.

Section 425.140 Easements.

Section 425.150 Access Control.

Section 425.160 Subdivision Design.

Section 425.170 Stormwater Drainage.

Section 425.180 Subdivision Maintenance Provisions.

Section 425.190 Erosion Control.

Article IV Dedication or Reservation of Public Open Space

Section 425.200 General.

Section 425.210 Recreation or Open Space Dedication Requirements.

Section 425.220 Payments in Lieu of Dedication.

Section 425.230 Methods of Compliance.

Section 425.240 (Reserved)

Article V Submission of Plats

Section 425.250 Scope and Intent.

Section 425.255 Preapplication Process.

Section 425.260 Submission of Technical Studies.

Section 425.265 Payment of Additional Expenses.

Section 425.270 Minor plats.

Section 425.275 Multiphase Subdivision Initial Approval.

Section 425.280 Single-Phase Subdivision Initial Submittals.

Section 425.285 Final Plats.

Section 425.290 Recording of Final Plats.

Article VI Improvements

Section 425.300 Required Improvements.

Section 425.310 Exceptions for Existing Improvements.

Article VII Improvement Procedures

Section 425.320 General.

Section 425.330 Plans and Specifications.

Section 425.340 Assurance for Completion of Improvements.

Section 425.350 Building Permit.

Section 425.360 Occupancy Permits.

Section 425.370 Construction of Improvements.

Section 425.380 Inspections and Permits.

Section 425.390 Inspection Procedures.

Section 425.400 Final Inspection.

Section 425.410 Report to Planning Commission and Governing Body.

Section 425.420 Acceptance of Improvements.

Section 425.430 Maintenance Guarantees.

Article VIII Improvement Guarantee Information

Section 425.440 Improvement Guarantee Requirements.

Article IX Relief

Section 425.450 Exceptions From Subdivision Requirements.

Section 425.460 through Section 425.490. (Reserved)

Article X Miscellaneous

Section 425.500 Street and Easement Vacations.