City of Berkeley, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Police Department

Section 200.010 Chief of Police.

Section 200.020 Duties of Policemen.

Section 200.025 Minimum Educational Requirements for Certain Positions in Police Department.

Section 200.030 Emergency Situations.

Section 200.040 Major Case Squad.

Section 200.050 Disposition of Unclaimed Property.

Section 200.060 Disposition of Unclaimed Money.

Article II Fire Department

Section 200.070 Fire Department Established.

Section 200.080 Duties of Fire Chief.

Section 200.090 Assistant Fire Chief.

Article III General Provisions

Section 200.100 Political Activity.

Section 200.110 School Crossing Guards.

Section 200.120 Receiving Property Forfeited to the City Under State or Federal Law.

Section 200.125 Fees for Non-Residents for Emergency Medical Care.

Section 200.130 Collective Bargaining Units.

Article IV Police and Fire Department Retirement

Section 200.140 Creation of Plan of Retirement.

Section 200.150 Creation of Retirement Fund.

Section 200.160 Board of Trustees.

Section 200.170 Powers and Duties of the Board of Trustees.

Section 200.180 Provision for Funds.

Section 200.190 Contributions From Covered Employees.

Section 200.200 Covered Employee — Definition.

Section 200.203 Code — Definition.

Section 200.205 Compensation — Definition.

Section 200.210 Application of Funds.

Section 200.220 Eligibility for Retirement by Reason of Age.

Section 200.230 Preexisting Conditions.

Section 200.240 Eligibility for Benefits on Account of Service-Connected Injuries.

Section 200.250 Eligibility for Benefits on Account of Non-Service Disability or Death.

Section 200.260 Reduction of Benefits.

Section 200.265 Benefit and Service Requirements Under USERRA.

Section 200.270 Conditions for Employment.

Section 200.280 Service Records.

Section 200.290 Retirement Benefits Due to Age.

Section 200.300 Retirement Benefits Due to Disability.

Section 200.310 Death Benefits.

Section 200.320 Benefits Prorated.

Section 200.330 Application for Benefits.

Section 200.333 Mandatory Commencement of Retirement and Death Benefits.

Section 200.335 Limitation on Maximum Benefits.

Section 200.337 Direct Rollover of Eligible Rollover Distribution.

Section 200.340 Physical Examination Required.

Section 200.350 Refunds Upon Leaving the Service.

Section 200.360 Repayment of Contributions Withdrawn.

Section 200.370 Right to Reduce an Appropriation.

Section 200.380 Workers' Compensation Insurance.

Section 200.390 Limit of Liability.

Section 200.400 Benefits Not Assignable or Subject to Execution.

Section 200.410 Custodian of Funds and Investments.

Section 200.420 Disbursements.

Section 200.430 Penalty.

Section 200.440 Termination.

Section 200.450 Actuarial Assumptions.