City of Berkeley, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross Reference — As to licensing of hospitals, see §605.570.

Section 220.010 Department of Health.

[CC 1961 §11.01]
There is hereby established a Department of Health which shall consist of a Health Inspector, and Board of Health, together with such other officers and employees as may be lawfully authorized.

Section 220.020 Board of Health.

[CC 1961 §11.02; Ord. No. 886, 3-4-1957]
The Board of Health shall consist of three (3) members. They shall be residents of the City of Berkeley, or shall practice medicine within the legal limits of the City of Berkeley. The Board of Health shall be appointed by the Mayor and serve at the pleasure of the Mayor. One (1) member shall serve as Chairman and one (1) member shall serve as Secretary.
The Board of Health shall act in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and to the Council, and the Health Inspector in all matters pertaining to the public health.

Section 220.030 Health Inspector.

[CC 1961 §§11.03, 11.04; Ord. No. 854, 7-9-1956; Ord. No. 886, 3-4-1957]
The Health Inspector shall be trained in matters of public health.
The Health Inspector shall have active supervision over all matters pertaining to the public health and sanitation, and the enforcement of all laws and ordinances pertaining thereto. He/she shall have power to enter all market places, stores, or other places where food products are offered for sale for human consumption, and when such products are found on inspection to be contaminated, diseased, corrupted or unwholesome from any cause, the Health Inspector may condemn the same as unfit for human food, prohibiting the sale thereof, and order same to be immediately disposed of otherwise than for human food. He/she shall perform such other duties as may from time to time be assigned to him/her by the Council or the Mayor.
The County Health Commissioner may, pursuant to contract be employed as the Health Inspector of the City of Berkeley, and the duties of the Health Inspector shall be as set forth in a contract between the City of Berkeley and St. Louis County.

Section 220.040 Day Care Homes.

[CC 1961 §11.11; Ord. No. 1677 §1, 7-1-1968]
The term "day care homes", as used herein, means any family home wherein care is given to not more than three (3) children who are not related to the occupant of said home, and placed therein by the Division of Welfare of the State Department of Public Health and Welfare or its agents. Such homes are not to be construed as day care centers which are not operated in a family home.
It shall be unlawful for any person to operate, conduct, or maintain a day care home in the City of Berkeley without the Division of Welfare of the State Department of Public Health and Welfare or its agents submitting an application to the City and having such home inspected and approved by the Building, Fire, and Health Departments of the City. In addition, approval shall be secured by the applicant from all occupants abutting the said property, at which time a permit shall be issued by the Director of Finance.