City of Bowling Green, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1996 §130.010; Ord. No. 1030 §1, 12-8-1997]
The purpose of the Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter is to set forth the principles that are to be followed by the City in its personnel practices in order to promote harmony and efficiency in the provision of high quality services to the citizens of Bowling Green.
These policies and procedures are provided to allow the City's employees to understand their place in the City's program of services and to answer questions which they may have regarding their employment, benefits and working conditions.
Should there be any questions about any of the provisions contained within the Personnel Policies and Procedures Chapter or areas that may not be covered, those questions and concerns should be directed to your supervisor and/or department head.
[CC 1996 §130.020; Ord. No. 1030 §1, 12-8-1997]
These personnel policies and procedures apply to all appointed full-time and part-time employees of all departments of the City. However, Sections of this Chapter that refer to recruitment, selection and appointment of employees, hours of work, classification and pay plans, fringe benefits and performance evaluation do not apply to members of the Volunteer Fire Department.
To the extent an employee may be subject to City ordinances (including, but not limited to, Chapter 200 — Police Department and Chapter 205 — Fire Department of the City's Code of Ordinances) or State or Federal Statutes or regulations, those specific laws and regulations take precedence over this Chapter. If no such rules apply or are silent on a topic addressed in this Chapter, this Chapter applies.
[CC 1996 §130.030; Ord. No. 1030 §1, 12-8-1997]
The City Administrator shall be charged with the responsibility for the administration of these policies and procedures. The City Administrator may delegate administration of portions of the Chapter as he/she determines.
[CC 1996 §130.040; Ord. No. 1030 §1, 12-8-1997]
This Chapter shall not be construed as limiting in any way the power and authority of any department head to make departmental rules and regulations governing the conduct and performance of employees. Departmental rules and regulations should not conflict with provisions of this Chapter. A copy of departmental rules and regulations should be furnished to each employee to whom they apply. Such rules and regulations shall have the force and effect of rules of that department and disciplinary action may be based upon breach of any such rules and regulations.
[CC 1996 §130.050; Ord. No. 1030 §1, 12-8-1997]
The City of Bowling Green reserves the right to amend or cancel all or any part of these personnel policies and procedures at any time at its discretion. The City further reserves the right to reduce, modify or withhold application of any part(s) of this Chapter. These policies and procedures are a statement of the City's intent and are not an offer of, nor contract for, employment or an assurance of compensation or benefits to any employee or prospective employee of the City.