Suffolk County, NY
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[HISTORY: Adopted by the Suffolk County Legislature 4-28-2015 by Res. No. 270-2015. Amendments noted where applicable.]
The County of Suffolk is deeply involved in the provision of services to individuals in the criminal justice system. County employees provide probation supervision, security at correctional facilities and social services to individuals encountering the criminal justice system at varying points. Many individuals who are in contact with the criminal justice system need supportive services associated with homelessness, substance abuse and mental illness. The County contracts with a number of outside agencies to provide these types of services; because these services span across multiple departments, silos of information are created to the detriment of both the County and those in need of assistance. A standing committee should be formed to break down barriers to communication and give all parties access to information regarding contract agencies to ensure that the needs of individuals in the criminal justice system are met. Providing better access to supportive services will help improve outcomes, be more cost effective for the County and may reduce recidivism and its attendant long term costs.
A Criminal Justice Supportive Services Coordination Committee ("Committee") is hereby established to compile and maintain a database of all County contract agencies providing services for adults and children with mental health, substance abuse, behavioral needs and associated housing programs.
The Committee shall be comprised of the following 13 members:
A representative of the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, to be appointed by the Chairperson of the Council;
A representative of the Suffolk County Office of Budget and Management;
A representative of the Health Department, Division of Community Mental Hygiene;
A representative of the Suffolk County Police Department;
A representative of the Office of the District Attorney;
A representative of the Office of the Sheriff;
A representative of the Department of Social Services;
A representative of the County Attorney's Office;
A representative of the Department of Probation;
The Chairperson of the County Legislature's Public Safety Committee, or his or her designee;
The Chairperson of the County Legislature's Human Services Committee, or his or her designee;
The Presiding Officer, or his designee; and
The County Executive, or his or her designee.
The Chairperson of the Committee shall be selected by a majority of the membership of said Committee.
The Committee shall meet within 30 days after the oaths of office of all members have been filed, which meeting shall be convened for the purpose of organization and the selection of a Chairperson.
The members of the Committee shall serve without compensation and shall serve at the pleasure of their respective appointing authorities.
The Committee shall hold regular meetings, keep a record of all its proceedings, and determine the rules of its own proceedings, with special meetings to be called by the Chairperson upon his or her own initiative or upon receipt of a written request signed by at least four members of the Commission. Written notice of the time and place of such special meetings shall be provided by the Secretary to each member of the Commission at least four days before the date of the meeting.
Seven members of the Committee shall constitute a quorum to transact the business of the Committee.
Clerical services involving the month-to-month operation of this Committee, as well as supplies and postage as necessary, will be provided by the staff of the County Legislature.
The Committee shall cooperate with the legislative committees of the County Legislature and make available to each committee's use, upon request, any records and other data it may accumulate or obtain.
The Committee shall develop and maintain a database which provides the following information about agencies which hold contracts with the County for the provision of mental health and social services:
The agency under contract of the contracted services;
The target population (individuals with mental illness, personality disorders, individuals with substance use disorders, co-occurring disorders, supportive housing needs, behavioral problems);
The ages services have been contracted for (adult population or children 17 and younger);
The types of services provided by the contract agency pursuant to the contract with the County;
Other services provided by the contract agency; and
The contract agency's hours of operation.
The Committee will meet on an as-needed basis to update the database after its initial compilation and ensure the appropriate services are being provided pursuant to the contracts with the County.
The data set developed and maintained by the Committee shall be distributed to all County employees who encounter individuals who may be or are in the criminal justice system so that employees can properly refer such individuals to contract agencies for services.
The initial data set development shall be completed by the Committee within 180 days of the effective date of this chapter.
The data set shall be reviewed and updated for any changes no less than every six months.