Suffolk County, NY
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
The Administrative Code

Chapter A Administrative Code

Part I: Administrative Local Laws

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 8 Agricultural Land, Development of

Chapter 12 Air-Conditioning Systems

Chapter 17 Auxiliary Police

Chapter 22 Child Fatality Review Team

Chapter 25 Conservation Easements

Chapter 29 Conveyance of Property

Chapter 33 Correctional Facility

Chapter 36 County Property

Chapter 38 Day-Care Facilities for County Employees

Chapter 42 Defense and Indemnification

Chapter 46 Detention Services, Division of

Chapter 50 Disabilities Advisory Board

Chapter 53 Disability Truth-In-Hiring Policy

Chapter 59 Electrical Agency

Chapter 64 Empire Zone

Chapter 68 Employee Relations

Chapter 71 Employees Making Allegations of Misconduct, Protection of

Chapter 77 Ethics and Accountability

Chapter 82 Film Commission

Chapter 86 Finances

Chapter 94 Fire Code Violations

Chapter 98 Flags

Chapter 101 Food Policy Council

Chapter 103 Forum for the Arts

Chapter 110 Health and Safety of Employees

Chapter 114 Hispanic Advisory Board

Chapter 119 Human Rights Commission

Chapter 125 Industrial Development Agency

Chapter 136 (Reserved)

Chapter 141 Land Exchanges

Chapter 145 Liability

Chapter 149 Light Pollution

Chapter 155 Local Development Corporations

Chapter 160 Mass Transportation

Chapter 168 Off-Track Betting

Chapter 172 Open Meetings

Chapter 178 Preschool Handicapped Transportation

Chapter 183 Public Notification Policy

Chapter 189 Purchasing and Contracts

Chapter 194 Real Property, Lease of

Chapter 199 Response and Truth in Government Policy

Chapter 205 Salaries and Compensation

Chapter 210 Senior Citizens' Advisory Board

Chapter 215 Sewer Districts

Chapter 221 Social Services Department

Chapter 226 Special Traffic Options Program for Driving While Intoxicated

Chapter 232 Tax Notices and Billing

Chapter 238 Transit Stations

Chapter 245 Utility Easements

Chapter 250 Vanderbilt Museum

Chapter 255 Vehicles, County-Owned

Part II: Regulatory Local Laws

Chapter 270 Advertising Materials

Chapter 274 Agricultural Operations

Chapter 278 Aids Testing

Chapter 281 Aid to Families With Dependent Child and Home Relief

Chapter 285 Aircraft

Chapter 290 Alarms

Chapter 294 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 299 Animals

Chapter 302 Animal Shelters and Kennels

Chapter 310 Balloons, Helium

Chapter 314 Banking Practices

Chapter 319 Bicycles, Skates, Skateboards and Scooters

Chapter 325 Boats and Boating

Chapter 330 Body Art

Chapter 334 Books and Magazines

Chapter 344 Building Construction

Chapter 349 Bullets, Armor-Piercing

Chapter 353 Business Practices

Chapter 357 Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Chapter 360 Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Chapter 365 Caterers

Chapter 370 Cemeteries

Chapter 374 Cesspools and Individual Sewage Disposal Systems

Chapter 378 Child Protection

Chapter 383 Community College Facilities

Chapter 387 Consumer Protection

Chapter 391 Cooperative Housing

Chapter 396 Day-Care Facilities and Home-Care Services

Chapter 400 Defibrillators

Chapter 404 Demonstrations

Chapter 410 Domestic Partnerships

Chapter 415 Donation Bins

Chapter 420 Drug Premises and Property

Chapter 423 Drugs and Drug Products

Chapter 427 Dry-Cleaning Establishments

Chapter 433 Dumping and Littering

Chapter 436 Emergency Services

Chapter 438 Emergency Shelters

Chapter 441 Emergency Telephone System

Chapter 444 Energy Efficiency

Chapter 446 Environmental Protection

Chapter 450 Environmental Quality Review

Chapter 455 Ferry Service

Chapter 459 Fertilizer

Chapter 463 Filming

Chapter 467 Firearms and Weapons

Chapter 471 Fire Prevention

Chapter 475 Fishing and Shellfishing

Chapter 480 Foster Care and Adoptive Homes

Chapter 485 Fuel-Delivery Vehicles

Chapter 490 Furnaces, Outdoor

Chapter 494 Gasoline Sales

Chapter 497 Gasoline Stations

Chapter 502 Graffiti

Chapter 512 Hazardous Waste

Chapter 517 Home Improvement and Repair

Chapter 519 Homemaking Services

Chapter 523 Hotels and Motels

Chapter 528 Human Rights

Chapter 538 Internet Crimes

Chapter 542 Item Pricing

Chapter 551 Land Acquisition Disclosure

Chapter 555 Laser Pointers

Chapter 563 Licensed Occupations

Chapter 564 Licensing

Chapter 567 Liquefied Natural Gas

Chapter 571 For-Hire Vehicle Registration

Chapter 575 Living Wage

Chapter 580 Lobbyists

Chapter 586 Mammography

Chapter 590 Medical, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Service Providers

Chapter 595 Mortgages, Purchase of

Chapter 599 Motor Fuel Facilities

Chapter 603 Motor Vehicle Use Fee

Chapter 607 Moving Companies

Chapter 612 Music Concerts

Chapter 618 Noise

Chapter 623 Nuisance Properties

Chapter 627 Nursing Homes and Health-Care Facilities

Chapter 633 Open Space Preservation

Chapter 639 Parking, Off-Street

Chapter 643 Parks and Park Facilities

Chapter 647 Pest Control

Chapter 651 Pipe Bomb Materials

Chapter 656 Planned Retirement Communities

Chapter 664 Political Parties, Gifts to Officials of

Chapter 668 Polygraph Examinations

Chapter 672 Pornography and Obscene Materials

Chapter 677 Probation Department Fees

Chapter 681 Proprietary Ambulance Companies

Chapter 688 Records

Chapter 692 Recycling

Chapter 696 Rental Property

Chapter 700 Restaurants

Chapter 704 Retail Sales

Chapter 713 Safe School Zones

Chapter 717 Scaffolds

Chapter 721 Scrap Metal Processors, Vehicle Dismantlers and Junk Dealers

Chapter 726 Seal, County

Chapter 730 Security, Protection and Safety

Chapter 735 Senior Citizens Bill of Rights

Chapter 740 Sewers

Chapter 745 Sex Offenders

Chapter 751 Smoke Bombs

Chapter 754 Smoking

Chapter 759 Storm Sewers

Chapter 763 Stormwater Management

Chapter 765 Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 767 Subscription Service Fees

Chapter 769 Swimming Pools

Chapter 772 Tanning Facilities

Chapter 775 Taxation

Chapter 779 Tax Grievance Consultants

Chapter 783 Tax Refunds

Chapter 787 Tires, Sale of

Chapter 792 Tobacco Products

Chapter 796 Towing

Chapter 803 Union Organizing

Chapter 808 Utilities

Chapter 814 Vehicle Sales

Chapter 818 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 822 Vehicles, Off-Road

Chapter 826 Vehicles, Vending

Chapter 828 Veterans

Chapter 830 Victims' Rights

Chapter 834 Video Recording Devices

Chapter 839 Wastewater Treatment Systems

Chapter 840 Water

Part III: Resolutions

Chapter 860 African-American Advisory Board

Chapter 865 Animals

Chapter 867 Anti-Graffiti Task Force

Chapter 869 Apprenticeship Training

Chapter 874 Capital Projects

Chapter 880 Child Protection

Chapter 884 Citizens Corps Council

Chapter 888 Classification and Salary Plans

Chapter 891 Contractors

Chapter 893 Contracts

Chapter 896 Criminal Justice Supportive Services Coordination Committee

Chapter 899 Day-Care Centers, Payments to

Chapter 904 Document Receipt Policy

Chapter 908 Domestic Violence

Chapter 913 Drug Enforcement and Abuse Prevention

Chapter 920 Elections

Chapter 924 Electricians and Plumbers Rules and Regulations

Chapter 928 Emergency Medical Services

Chapter 931 Emergency Preparedness

Chapter 935 Employee Benefits

Chapter 939 Energy Efficiency

Chapter 943 Environmental Protection

Chapter 948 Fees and Charges

Chapter 952 Finances

Chapter 954 Firearms and Weapons

Chapter 959 Government Information Depositories

Chapter 963 Harassment

Chapter 966 Home Energy Assistance Program

Chapter 971 Identity Protection

Chapter 977 Insurance

Chapter 981 Investment Policy

Chapter 1001 Land Development

Chapter 1005 Land Preservation

Chapter 1008 Long Island Commission on Aquifer Protection

Chapter 1009 Long Island First Working Group

Chapter 1012 Marinas

Chapter 1016 Memorials and Symbols; Naming and Sponsorship of County Facilities, Parks and Roads

Chapter 1021 Motels Doing Business With Department of Social Services

Chapter 1027 Native American Affairs Advisory Board

Chapter 1032 Next Generation Advisory Boards

Chapter 1035 Open Data Committee

Chapter 1038 Park Police Patrol

Chapter 1043 Poet Laureate

Chapter 1047 Police

Chapter 1052 Probation

Chapter 1056 Property Control Manager

Chapter 1060 Property, Sale of

Chapter 1065 Purchasing

Chapter 1070 Real Estate Appraisal, Acquisition and Disposition

Chapter 1075 Recognition Programs

Chapter 1079 Records Retention

Chapter 1083 Regional Planning Council

Chapter 1087 Requests for Proposals

Chapter 1091 Reserve Funds

Chapter 1095 Retirement Benefits for Legislators

Chapter 1099 Rewards and Incentive Programs

Chapter 1105 Roller Blades, Roller Skates and Skateboards

Chapter 1110 Self-Funded Health Program

Chapter 1114 Self-Insurance Program

Chapter 1118 Sewer Agency

Chapter 1122 Sex Offender Policies

Chapter 1126 Sober Home Oversight Board

Chapter 1127 Social Services Department

Chapter 1133 Surface Water Protection

Chapter 1138 Swimming Pools

Chapter 1143 Taxation

Chapter 1145 Teen Pregnancy Advisory Board

Chapter 1146 Tick Control Advisory Committee

Chapter 1147 Title Examination

Chapter 1151 Transfer of Development Rights

Chapter 1155 Transportation Advisory Board

Chapter 1160 Vanderbilt Museum Oversight Committee

Chapter 1162 Vector Control

Chapter 1166 Vending Machines

Chapter 1173 Wage, Prevailing

Chapter 1177 Web Sites

Chapter 1180 Welfare

Chapter 1184 Wireless Communications

Chapter 1187 Women's Advisory Commission

Statutes Applicable to Suffolk County

Chapter 1195 Suffolk County Tax Act


Chapter 1200 Civil Service Rules

Derivation Table

Chapter DT Derivation Table

Local Law Disposition List

Chapter DLL Local Laws Disposition List

Resolution Disposition List

Chapter DLR Resolution Disposition List