Town of New Canaan, CT
Fairfield County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
There shall be a Parks and Recreation Commission of no fewer than seven and no more than 11 members, as determined by resolution of the Board of Selectmen. The members shall be electors of the Town. The members shall serve without compensation and shall hold no other office of trust or emolument in the Town government. Service on committees of the Town government is not prohibited by this section, provided that such service does not create a conflict of interest as defined in the Town Code of Ethics.
The Selectmen shall on or promptly after the first day of December in each year appoint 1/3 of the members of the Parks and Recreation Commission for a term of three years, all of whom, after qualification, shall hold office from the first day of December and until their successors have been appointed and have qualified. If 1/3 of the total membership is not a whole number, then the Selectmen shall divide the membership as equally as may be into three appointment classes, and the members of the classes shall be appointed on a three-year rotation. There shall be minority representation on the Commission in accordance with § 9-167a of the General Statutes.
On or promptly after the first day of December in each year, the Parks and Recreation Commission shall meet at the call of the First Selectman to choose one of its members to be Chairman and one of its members to be Secretary. The Chairman, when present, shall preside at all meetings of the Commission and shall have a vote as a member thereof. In the absence of the Chairman, the Board shall choose one of its members Chairman pro tempore. The Secretary shall file in the office of the Town Clerk a full and detailed record of all proceedings, acts and resolutions of the Commission, including the votes of each member on all actions taken, and such record shall be a public record. A majority of the total members shall constitute a quorum and the concurrence of a majority of those present shall be necessary for the transaction of business.
The Commission shall exercise powers and perform duties as follows:
Recommend to the Selectmen for adoption by the Town Council such bylaws or ordinances relating to public recreation and the use of parks and other recreational facilities as, in its opinion, shall be proper.
Consider and make recommendations to the Selectmen as to the acceptance of donations or devises of property to the Town for park or recreational purposes.
Consider and recommend to the Planning and Zoning Commission acquisition of parks and other recreational facilities.
In conjunction with the Town Recreation Department, organize, direct, control, equip, foster and promote recreational programs and activities in public parks, streets, public buildings or elsewhere in the Town except those recreational programs and activities under the jurisdiction of the Board of Education or those recreational programs and activities that may from time to time be delegated to any other board, commission, committee or authority of the Town by the Charter or by any bylaw or ordinance adopted by the Town Council.
Evaluate the maintenance and care of parks, utilizing the resources of the park maintenance staff of the Department of Public Works, within the annual budget allocation provided to the Commission by the Town, or as may be more specifically provided by ordinance.
On or promptly after the first day of November in each year, the Commission shall submit an Annual Report to the Board of Selectmen and the Town Council, which report shall include the following sections:
RECREATION: describing activities for the past year, and new goals and projects, pertaining to the recreational programs and facilities;
PARKS: describing activities for the past year, and the current condition of the parks, park maintenance needs and short-term plans, and capital projects and long-range planning.
The Selectmen, upon recommendation of or after consultation with the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Planning and Zoning Commission, may consider the acceptance of gifts, donations or devises of land or other property for park or recreational purposes and recommend to the Town Council the acceptance or rejection thereof. Should the Selectmen, after consultation with the Parks and Recreation Commission find it necessary or advisable to acquire land or facilities or both for park and recreational purposes or for the improvement of park property, they shall make a report relative thereto to the Board of Finance, together with a request for a special appropriation. When an appropriation for such acquisition or improvement shall have been made by the Town Council, the Selectmen shall have exclusive charge of the disbursement of such appropriation in substantial accord with the purpose for which such appropriation was made. If the carrying out of any such recommendation makes necessary the condemnation of land, the Town is authorized to take such land within the limits of the Town by condemnation for the purpose of such public use.
The Selectmen may, upon recommendation of or after consultation with the Parks and Recreation Commission, recommend to the Town Council the adoption of bylaws and ordinances governing the use of public parks, may prescribe a system for the issuance of permits for the use of all Town-owned land used for park purposes, including public amusements, games, picnics and other purposes to which such areas might be devoted, and may enter into agreements with nonprofit groups or agencies for the use and/or improvement of Town property devoted to park or recreational purposes.