Town of Huntington, NY
Suffolk County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Part I, Administrative Legislation

Chapter 1 General Provisions

Chapter 2 Fair, Open and Accountable Government

Chapter 3 Alcoholism Advisory Board

Chapter 4 Appearance Tickets

Chapter 5 Assessment, Department of; Administrative Review of Assessments

Chapter 6 Audit and Control, Department of

Chapter 8 Beautification Council

Chapter 10 Budget and Finances

Chapter 12 Capital Program

Chapter 13 Public Officials

Chapter 14 (Reserved)

Chapter 15 Commercial Fishing Advisory Council

Chapter 16 Comptroller

Chapter 19 Defense and Indemnification of Officers and Employees

Chapter 21 Environmental Open Space and Park Funds

Chapter 22 Emergency Medical Services Council

Chapter 25 Engineering Services, Department of

Chapter 27 Environmental Waste Management, Department of

Chapter 28 Ephedra Products

Chapter 29 Ethics

Chapter 30 Fire and Building Code Review Board

Chapter 31 (Reserved)

Chapter 32 General Services, Department of

Chapter 35 Harbor and Boating Advisory Council

Chapter 36 Administrative Hearing Officer

Chapter 39 Human Services, Department of

Chapter 40 (Reserved)

Chapter 41 Local Laws, Adoption of

Chapter 42 Department of Information Technology

Chapter 43 Maritime Services, Department of

Chapter 44 Mass Transit Citizens' Advisory Council

Chapter 45 Citizens' Advisory Committee on Parking

Chapter 47 Outdoor Sports Advisory Council

Chapter 48 Narcotics Guidance Council

Chapter 50 Public Nuisances

Chapter 51 Ordinances, Publication of

Chapter 52 Parks and Recreation, Department of

Chapter 52A Planning and Environment, Department of

Chapter 53 Public Disclosure by Contractors and Vendors

Chapter 54 Public Hearings: Time Limits for Action

Chapter 55 Public Safety, Department of

Chapter 57 Receiver of Taxes Department

Chapter 59 (Reserved)

Chapter 60 Senior Citizens' Board

Chapter 61 Sanitation Advisory Commission

Chapter 62 (Reserved)

Chapter 63 Supervisor, Department of

Chapter 64 Town Attorney, Department of

Chapter 64A Town Clerk, Department of

Chapter 65 Transportation and Traffic Safety

Chapter 66 Traffic Safety Board

Chapter 67 Voluntary Mediation of Disputes

Chapter 69 (Reserved)

Part II, General Legislatioin

Chapter 71 Administrative Search Warrants

Chapter 73 Advertising; Distribution of Circulars

Chapter 74 Affordable Housing

Chapter 76 Alcoholic Beverages

Chapter 78 Animals

Chapter 82 (Reserved)

Chapter 87 Building Construction

Chapter 89 Business Improvement Districts

Chapter 91 Carnivals, Circuses, Fairs and Amusement Events

Chapter 92 Clothes Drop-Off Bins

Chapter 93 Civil Remedies

Chapter 94 Community Antenna Television Franchises

Chapter 95 Community Gardening Program

Chapter 97 Consumer Protection

Chapter 98 Domestic Partnership Registry

Chapter 99 Dix Hills Water District

Chapter 100 (Reserved)

Chapter 104 Electrical Standards and Regulations

Chapter 106 Farming, Citizens' Advisory Committee on

Chapter 108 Film Permits

Chapter 109 Firearms

Chapter 111 Fire Prevention

Chapter 114 (Reserved)

Chapter 115 Games of Chance

Chapter 117 Solid Waste Management: Collection, Recycling and Disposal

Chapter 119 Graffiti

Chapter 120 Harbors and Waterways

Chapter 124 Housing Standards and Property Maintenance

Chapter 127 (Reserved)

Chapter 130 Junkyards

Chapter 133 Littering and Dumping

Chapter 134 Local Waterfront Consistency Review

Chapter 135 Loitering, Parking and Congregating

Chapter 137 Marine Conservation and Regulation of Marine Structures

Chapter 141 Noise

Chapter 143 Outdoor Lighting

Chapter 145 Parades and Public Assemblages

Chapter 149 Peddlers and Solicitors

Chapter 150 Christmas Trees

Chapter 151 Petroleum and Other Fuel Products, Sale of

Chapter 153 Plumbing Regulations

Chapter 155 Pregnancy Termination Facilities

Chapter 156 Property Maintenance; Nuisances

Chapter 156A Bamboo

Chapter 157 Public Benefit Incentives

Chapter 158 Public Benefit Funds

Chapter 159 Recreational Facilities

Chapter 160 Registration and Permitting of Property

Chapter 161 Senior Citizens: Condominium Conversions

Chapter 164 Sewer Use Management

Chapter 166 Shellfish Management

Chapter 168 Floodplain Management

Chapter 170 Stormwater Management

Chapter 171 Streams, Watercourses and Wetlands

Chapter 172 Land Conservation

Chapter 173 Streets and Sidewalks

Chapter 174 Liability of Town

Chapter 178 Taxation

Chapter 180 Taxicabs and Vehicles for Hire

Chapter 183 Tow Trucks and Towing for Hire

Chapter 184 Trapping

Chapter 186 Tree Preservation and Protection

Chapter 188 Trespassing

Chapter 189 Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Chapter 191 Unsafe and Damaged Buildings and Structures

Chapter 192 Vehicles and Traffic

Chapter 193 Recreational Vehicles

Chapter 194 (Reserved)

Chapter 195 Waste Management

Chapter 196 Wood and Coal Burning Appliances

Chapter 197 Planning, Design and Development

Chapter 198 Zoning


Chapter A202 Subdivision and Site Plan Regulations

Chapter A203 Trustees, Board of

Chapter A204 Zoning Board of Appeals Fees and Charges

Disposition List

Chapter DL Disposition List

Traffic Code

Chapter TC1 General Provisions

Chapter TC2 Traffic Regulations

Chapter TC3 Parking Regulations

Chapter TC4 Parking Fields

Chapter TC5 Commercial and Construction Vehicles; Weight Limits

Chapter TC6 Miscellaneous Provisions

Chapter TC7 Traffic Violations Bureau


Schedule A Traffic Control Signals

Schedule B Prohibited Turns on Red Signals

Schedule C Prohibited Turns

Schedule D One-Way Streets

Schedule E Parking Area Exits/Entrances and/or Driveways

Schedule F Lane Designations

Schedule G Stop and Yield Intersections

Schedule H Speed Limits on Certain Streets

Schedule I School Speed Limits

Schedule J Parking, Stopping and Standing Restrictions

Schedule K Private Parking Fields

Schedule L Town Parking Fields

Schedule M Truck Exclusions

Schedule N Play Streets

Schedule O Commercial Vehicle and Truck Exclusions

Schedule P On-Street Metered Parking

Traffic Code Disposition List

Chapter TCDL Disposition List