City of Ste. Genevieve, MO
Ste. Genevieve County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Ordinances pertaining to the compensation of any city officer or employee or any personnel policy dealing with police officers, fire fighters or other city employees saved from repeal; ordinance pertaining to any retirement, disability or other pension or benefit accrued or accruing to any city officer or employee saved from repeal.
[CC 1985 §2-326]
The Board of Aldermen shall have power to fix the compensation of all the officers and employees of the City by ordinance, but the salary of an officer shall not be changed during the time for which he/she was elected or appointed.
[CC 1985 §2-327; Ord. No. 2403, 7-17-1984]
The City is a political subdivision, as defined in Sections 70.600 through 70.760 RSMo., and hereby elects to have covered by the Missouri Local Government Employees' Retirement System (LAGERS) all its eligible employees with one thousand five hundred (1,500) or more hours of annual employment and to cover under benefits Program L 8(65) the following classes:
Present and future general employees, neither Policemen nor firemen as defined by Section 70.600, RSMo.;
Present and future Policemen as defined by Section 70.600, RSMo.
The City hereby elects that one hundred percent (100%) of prior employment be considered for prior service credit in computing benefits and contributions to the system and to require four percent (4%) contributions from covered employees.
The City Administrator is hereby authorized and directed to deduct from the wages and salaries of each employee member, the member contributions, if any, required by Section 70.705, RSMo., and to promptly remit the deductions to the retirement system together with the employer contributions required by Sections 70.705 and 70.730, RSMo. Contributions are to be effective October 1, 1984.