City of Ste. Genevieve, MO
Ste. Genevieve County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Fire prevention and protection, ch. 203; floodplain management, ch. 420; mobile homes and travel trailers, ch. 425; planning, ch. 400; solid waste, ch. 230; streets, sidewalks and other public places, ch. 520; subdivision regulations, ch. 415; license fee for building material dealers, contractors and plumbers, §605.050; utilities generally, Title VII; building sewers and connections, §710.040; zoning, ch. 405.
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Article I In General

Section 500.010 Demolition of Buildings — Permit Required.

Section 500.020 Demolition of Buildings — Issuance — Denial.

Section 500.030 Above Ground Fuel Storage Tanks.

Section 500.040 Seismic Design of New Construction and Major Renovations For Earthquake Preparedness.

Section 500.050 Building Inspector.

Section 500.060 Use of Lead in Public and Private Plumbing Prohibited — Penalty.

Section 500.070 Electrical Inspections of Structures Damaged By Flooding Required.

Article II Building Code

Section 500.080 Short Title.

Section 500.090 Purpose.

Section 500.100 Definitions.

Section 500.110 Codes.

Section 500.120 Procedure For Filing Appeals.

Section 500.130 Appeal To Stay Proceedings of Action Appealed From — Exception.

Section 500.140 Information To Be Furnished To Board of Adjustment.

Section 500.150 Notice and Hearing.

Section 500.160 Action and Decision of Board Generally.

Section 500.170 Review of Decisions.

Section 500.180 Conflicting Provisions.

Section 500.190 Construction Permits.

Section 500.200 Conformance To Article Required.

Section 500.210 Inspection Authorized — Access.

Section 500.220 Occupancy Permit Required — Fees.

Section 500.230 No Warranty By City.

Section 500.240 Inspections and Certificates of Compliance.

Section 500.250 Notice of Violation.

Section 500.260 Designation of Dwelling Unfit For Habitation.

Section 500.270 Placarding.

Section 500.280 Removal of Placards.

Section 500.290 Right of Appeal.

Section 500.300 Vacation of Building.

Section 500.310 Vacated Structures To Be Made Secure.

Section 500.320 Remedy of Defects.

Section 500.330 Transfer of Ownership.

Section 500.340 Compliance With Article Required.

Section 500.350 Violations — Penalties.

Section 500.360 Building Permit Fees.

Article III Rental Housing Regulations

Section 500.370 Definitions.

Section 500.380 Registration of Rental Housing — Required.

Section 500.390 Rental Housing Advisory Commission.

Section 500.400 Rental Housing Inspections.

Section 500.410 Responsibilities of Owner, Agent and/or Landlord.

Section 500.420 Permits — Required.

Section 500.430 Application — Contents.

Section 500.440 Education.