City of Ste. Genevieve, MO
Ste. Genevieve County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Buildings and building regulations, ch. 500; junk yards and automobile graveyards, §405.120(1)(n); littering, §210.170; utilities generally, Title VII; sewers, ch. 710; zoning, ch. 405.
Article I In General

Section 230.010 Definitions.

Section 230.020 Rules and Regulations.

Section 230.030 Prohibited Practices.

Section 230.035 Recreational Fires.

Section 230.040 Placement of Inappropriate Waste At Recycling Sites.

Article II Licenses and Inspections

Section 230.050 License Required — Exceptions.

Section 230.060 License Application.

Section 230.070 Proof of Insurance Prerequisite To Issuance of License.

Section 230.080 Issuance — Term — Fee — Denial — Reapplication of License.

Section 230.090 Display of Licenses.

Section 230.100 Renewal, Transfer of Licenses.

Section 230.110 Inspection of Records.

Section 230.120 Inspection of Premises — Notice of Violations.

Section 230.130 Revocation For Failure To Comply With Notice of Violation — Extension of Time To Correct Violations.

Section 230.140 Appeal of Notice of Violation.

Article III Storage

Section 230.150 Containers To Be Provided — Solid Wastes To Be Placed Therein.

Section 230.160 Containers For Residential Use.

Section 230.170 Containers For Commercial Use.

Section 230.180 Tree Limbs — Yard Wastes — Weight Restrictions.

Section 230.190 Disposition of Substandard Containers.

Article IV Collection

Section 230.200 Responsibility of Owners and Occupants To Provide For Collection of Solid Waste.

Section 230.210 Ownership of Collected Solid Wastes.

Section 230.220 Procedure in Preparation of Collection.

Section 230.230 Right of Entry of Collectors.

Section 230.240 Storage of Containers.

Section 230.250 Responsibilities of Collectors.

Article V Transportation

Section 230.260 Vehicle Standards.

Section 230.270 Hauling of Grading and Excavation Debris.

Section 230.280 Demolition or Construction Wastes.

Article VI Disposal

Section 230.290 Disposal of Solid Wastes At Approved Facility or Disposal Area.

Section 230.300 Hazardous Wastes.

Section 230.310 Illegal Dumping At City Yard Waste Disposal Site.