City of Florissant, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Editor's Note—This part consists of the Charter of the city, which was adopted by vote of the citizens of the City of Florissant at a special election held for such purpose on May 21, 1963, pursuant to section 19, article VI of the Constitution of Missouri. A uniform system of capitalization has been employed by the editors. Obvious misspellings have been corrected without notation and material in brackets [ ] has been added for clarity. Amendments are indicated by historical citations following the amended sections in parentheses. The map referred to in section 1.4 of the Charter is not set out in this volume but will be found on file in the office of the city clerk.
Ca Schedule
Article I Incorporation; Form of Government; Powers; Wards

Section 1.1 Incorporation.

Section 1.1a Corporate limits.

Section 1.2 Form of government.

Section 1.3 Powers of the City.

Section 1.4 Wards.

Article II Mayor

Section 2.1 Chief executive officer; full-time job.

Section 2.2 Qualifications.

Section 2.3 Election; term; compensation.

Section 2.4 Powers and duties.

Section 2.5 Mayor pro tempore.

Article III Council

Section 3.1 Composition; to have legislative powers.

Section 3.2 Composition and term.

Section 3.3 Qualifications of members.

Section 3.4 Compensation.

Section 3.5 Rules of order, journal, quorum, etc.

Section 3.6 Meetings.

Section 3.7 Legislative proceedings.

Section 3.8 Approval or disapproval of ordinance by Mayor; enactment of ordinance over Mayor's veto.

Section 3.9 Enactment and effective date of ordinances.

Section 3.10 Powers generally.

Section 3.11 Codification of ordinances.

Section 3.12 City Clerk.

Article IV Municipal Court

Section 4.1 Jurisdiction.

Section 4.2 Municipal Court Judge.

Section 4.3 Marshal.

Section 4.4 Municipal Court Clerk.

Section 4.5 Traffic Violations Bureau.

Article V Administrative Service

Section 5.1 Administrative departments, boards and commissions.

Section 5.2 Powers and duties.

Section 5.3 Department heads.

Section 5.4 Oaths of office.

Section 5.5 Official bonds.

Section 5.6 Parks and Recreation Department.

Section 5.7 (Reserved)

Section 5.8 Police Department.

Section 5.9 Health Department.

Article VI Finance

Section 6.1 Director of Finance—Qualifications.

Section 6.2 Same—Duties.

Section 6.3 Purchasing Officer.

Section 6.4 Purchasing procedures.

Section 6.5 Fiscal year.

Section 6.6 Budget—Preparation.

Section 6.7 Same—Public hearing on budget.

Section 6.8 Same—Adoption.

Section 6.9 Appropriations and expenditures.

Section 6.10 Bonds.

Article VII Department of Law

Section 7.1 City Attorney.

Section 7.2 Assistant City Attorneys.

Section 7.3 Special counsel.

Article VIII Department of Public Works

Section 8.1 Director of Public Works—To be head of department; qualifications.

Section 8.2 Same—Duties.

Article IX Public Improvements

Section 9.1 Power to make public improvements.

Section 9.2 Contracts for public improvements.

Section 9.3 Institution of proceedings.

Section 9.4 Public hearings.

Section 9.5 Authorization of improvement.

Section 9.6 Payment by special assessments or special taxes.

Section 9.7 Special tax bills.

Section 9.8 Reassessments.

Section 9.9 Revolving public improvement fund.

Section 9.10 Additional provisions.

Article X Personnel System

Section 10.1 Classification of employees.

Section 10.2 Personnel administration.

Section 10.3 Personnel Commission—Generally.

Section 10.4 Same — Powers and duties.

Section 10.5 Prohibited acts.

Article XI Planning and Zoning

Section 11.1 City Planning and Zoning Commission.

Section 11.2 Master plan.

Section 11.3 Zoning.

Section 11.4 Subdivisions.

Section 11.5 Board of Adjustment.

Article XII Nominations and Elections

Section 12.1 Regulation of elections.

Section 12.2 (Reserved)

Section 12.3 Nominations.

Section 12.4 Time of elections.

Section 12.5 Ballots.

Section 12.6 (Reserved)

Section 12.7 Tie vote.

Section 12.8 Vacancies in elected offices.

Article XIII Initiative, Referendum and Recall

Section 13.1 Initiative.

Section 13.2 Referendum.

Section 13.3 Recall.

Section 13.4 Petitions generally.

Section 13.5 Consideration of petition by Council.

Section 13.6 Initiative and referendum—Form of ballot.

Section 13.7 Same—Results of election.

Section 13.8 Recall election—Generally.

Section 13.9 Same—Results of election.

Section 13.10 Conduct of initiative, referendum and recall elections.

Article XIV General Provisions

Section 14.1 Judicial notice of Charter.

Section 14.2 Proof of ordinances.

Section 14.3 Existing ordinances, etc.

Section 14.4 Pending actions and proceedings.

Section 14.5 Pending contracts, public improvements and obligations.

Section 14.6 Continuity of departments, offices, etc.

Section 14.7 Transfer of records and property.

Section 14.8 Notice of suits.

Section 14.9 Judicial bonds.

Section 14.10 Personal interest.

Section 14.11 Political solicitation.

Section 14.12 Misuse of City property and personnel prohibited.

Section 14.13 Effect of unconstitutional provisions.

Section 14.14 Inspection and preservation of records.

Section 14.15 Amendment of Charter.