City of Florissant, MO
St. Louis County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Charter References — The planning and zoning commission, art. XI; board of adjustment, §11.5.
Cross Reference — Parks and recreation advisory board, §§245.190 et seq.
Article I Code of Ethics

Section 120.010 Applicability.

Section 120.020 Delivery To Members.

Section 120.030 Principle To Be Accepted.

Section 120.040 Official Duties To Be Faithfully Discharged.

Section 120.050 Special Consideration Prohibited.

Section 120.060 Financial Interest in City Contracts or Sales To City Prohibited.

Section 120.070 Engaging in Business or Personal Interest Incompatible With Proper Discharge of Official Duties — Prohibited.

Section 120.080 Private Interest in Proposed City Legislation To Be Disclosed.

Section 120.090 Representation of Private Interests Against City.

Section 120.100 Gifts From Persons Dealing With City.

Section 120.110 Disclosure or Improper Use of Confidential Information.

Section 120.120 Certain Private Employment or Services Prohibited.

Section 120.130 Transactions With City, Etc.

Section 120.140 Certain Commission and Board Members Ineligible For Public Office.

Section 120.150 Political Favors From City Officers or Employees Prohibited.

Section 120.160 Unauthorized Use of City Property Prohibited — Personal Benefit From City Personnel Prohibited.

Section 120.170 Enforcement of Article — Violations and Penalties Generally.

Article II General Provisions

Section 120.175 Removal of Members.

Section 120.180 Extension of Appointment For Board, Commission or Committee Members.

Section 120.181 Serving On Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Adjustment Simultaneously Prohibited.

Article III Environmental Quality Commission

Section 120.185 Created.

Section 120.190 Composition, Appointment, Qualifications For One Member.

Section 120.200 Terms, Filling Vacancies.

Section 120.210 Powers and Duties.

Section 120.220 Meetings — Officers.

Section 120.230 Annual Report.

Article IV Florissant Disability Awareness Commission

Section 120.240 Established — Membership — Terms.

Section 120.250 Duties Generally, Annual Report Required.

Section 120.260 Organization.

Section 120.270 Expenses.

Article V Landmarks and Historic District Commission

Section 120.280 Created.

Article VI Senior Citizens Commission

Section 120.290 Established — Membership — Terms.

Section 120.300 Duties Generally — Annual Report Required.

Section 120.310 Organization.

Section 120.320 Expenses.

Article VII Youth Advisory Commission

Section 120.330 Established.

Section 120.340 Membership — Appointment — Terms.

Section 120.350 Duties.

Section 120.360 Officers — Rules and Regulations.

Section 120.370 Payment and Processing of Expenses.

Article VIII Citizen Participation Committee

Section 120.380 Established.

Section 120.390 Membership — Term.

Section 120.400 Organization — Adoption of Rules and Regulations.

Section 120.410 Meetings — Quorum.

Section 120.420 Committee To Act in Advisory Capacity Only.

Section 120.430 Duties and Responsibilities.

Section 120.440 Financing.

Article IX Traffic Commission

Section 120.450 Established.

Section 120.460 Powers and Duties.

Article X Industrial Development Authority

Section 120.470 Established.

Section 120.480 Authorization.

Section 120.490 Directors.

Section 120.500 Reporting.

Section 120.510 Governing Provisions.

Article XI Veterans Commission

Section 120.520 Established, Membership and Terms.

Section 120.530 Duties Generally.

Section 120.540 Organization.

Article XII Tourism Commission

Section 120.550 Established.

Section 120.560 Membership and Terms.

Section 120.570 Powers and Duties.

Section 120.580 Organization.

Section 120.590 (Reserved)

Article XIII Wellness Commission

Section 120.600 Establishment, Purpose and Objectives.

Section 120.610 Members and Terms.

Section 120.620 Organization and Powers.