City of Hollister, MO
Taney County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Generally

Section 200.010 General.

Section 200.020 Chief of Police — Authority.

Section 200.030 Chief of Police — Duties.

Section 200.040 Patrolmen — Assignments.

Section 200.050 Patrolmen — Duties.

Section 200.060 Standard of Conduct.

Section 200.070 Grievance Policy.

Section 200.080 Conduct and Deportment.

Section 200.090 Disturbances.

Section 200.100 Truthfulness of Members.

Section 200.110 Members to Give Name.

Section 200.120 Bearing.

Section 200.130 Cooperation.

Section 200.140 Members to Use Judgment.

Section 200.150 Testimony.

Section 200.160 Members Will Be Familiar With Rules, Regulations and Orders.

Section 200.170 Uniform.

Section 200.180 Uniform — When Off-Duty.

Section 200.190 Uniform — Care of Uniform and Equipment.

Section 200.200 Restrictions Applying to Suspended Officers.

Section 200.210 Duty Hours.

Section 200.220 Police Vehicles.

Section 200.230 Duty to Preserve Peace.

Section 200.240 Use of Deadly Force.

Section 200.250 Use of Unnecessary Violence Toward Prisoners.

Section 200.260 Qualifications for Police Officers.

Section 200.270 Police Officer to Act in an Emergency Outside Corporate City Limits.

Section 200.275 Law Enforcement Mutual Aid With City of Springfield.

Article II Police Reserve Program

Section 200.280 Established.

Section 200.290 Police Reserve Program Bylaws.

Article III Combined Ozarks Multi-Jurisdictional Enforcement Team (COMET).

Section 200.300 Parties.

Section 200.310 Executive Board.

Section 200.320 Duties of COMET.

Section 200.330 Liabilities and Insurance.

Section 200.340 Duties of COMET Executive Board.

Section 200.350 Operational Procedures.

Section 200.360 Other Operation Considerations.

Section 200.370 Termination/ Modification of Agreement.

Section 200.380 Agreement to Be Bound.