City of Hollister, MO
Taney County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Fiscal Year

Section 140.010 Fiscal Year.

Article II Budget

Section 140.020 Budget Required.

Section 140.030 Budget Contents.

Section 140.040 Budget Officer.

Section 140.050 Mayor to Supervise.

Section 140.060 Expenditures Limited.

Section 140.070 Debt Limited.

Section 140.080 Budget Calendar.

Section 140.090 Budget Procedures.

Article III Records Management

Section 140.100 City Clerk to Keep Records.

Section 140.110 Destruction of Records and Non-Record Materials.

Article IV Public Records

Section 140.120 Definitions.

Section 140.130 When Record Is Confidential.

Section 140.140 Duties of Agency Heads.

Section 140.150 To Preserve Records, How.

Article V Sales Tax

Section 140.160 Imposition of City Sales Tax.

Section 140.170 Tax on Utilities.

Section 140.180 Authorization of and Imposition of Capital Improvements Sales Tax.

Section 140.185 Transportation Tax.

Section 140.187 Opt Out of State Imposed Sales Tax Holiday.

Article VI Special Tax Bills

Section 140.190 City Clerk to Issue and Record.

Section 140.200 Tax Bills — To Whom Delivered.

Section 140.210 Tax Bills to Be a Lien and Bear Interest.

Section 140.220 Suits on Special Tax Bills.

Section 140.230 Payment of Special Tax Bills.

Section 140.240 Satisfaction of the Record.

Article VII Assessment and Collection of Real and Personal Property Taxes

Section 140.250 Assessor.

Section 140.260 City Collector.

Section 140.270 Assessment — Method of.

Section 140.280 Board to Fix Rate of Levy.

Section 140.290 City Clerk to Make Tax Books.

Section 140.300 Taxpayer Statements.

Section 140.310 Taxes Delinquent — When.

Section 140.320 City Clerk to Make Delinquent Lists — Board to Approve.

Section 140.330 Method of Collection for Land Taxes.

Section 140.340 Method of Collecting Personal Taxes.

Article VIII Tourism Tax

Section 140.350 Tourism Tax — Guest Tax.

Section 140.360 Definitions.

Section 140.370 Levy of Tax.

Section 140.380 Tourism Tax Fund.

Section 140.390 Contracting for Tourism Related Advertising and Publicity.

Section 140.400 Licenses — Payment of Tax.

Section 140.410 Reports Required.

Section 140.420 Examination of Books and Records.

Section 140.430 Cash Bond, Deposit and Refund.

Section 140.440 Collection — Violations.

Section 140.450 Confidential Records.

Section 140.460 Delinquency Fees and Penalties for Non-Payment.

Article IX Green Community Program

Section 140.470 Green Community Program.

Article X Missouri Clean Energy District

Section 140.480 Missouri Clean Energy District.