City of Hollister, MO
Taney County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
[CC 1983 §60.010]
As used in this Chapter the following terms shall have these prescribed meanings:
All normal kitchen waste such as vegetables and animal offal, or the by-product of vegetable or animal products, but does not include sewage or body waste.
The person appointed to said position or the Chief of Police if no such person is appointed specifically as Health Officer.
Such items as brush, bundled and tied paper, construction or repair refuse, grass, shrubbery cuttings, and tree limbs not exceeding four (4) feet in length and tied in bundles of not more than seventy-five (75) pounds each, and other normal house and yard refuse.
Non-bundled and untied paper, empty food and drinking containers, cans, pottery, glass and crockery.
[CC 1983 §60.020]
No owner or lessee of any public or private premises shall permit trash, rubbish or garbage to accumulate upon his/her premises in any manner detrimental to adequate sanitation. Containers shall be rodent proof, insect proof, and shall be kept covered at all times except when trash or garbage is being deposited therein or removed therefrom. In case garbage and trash is disposed of separately, separate containers may be required by the Health Officer.
[Ord. No. 294 §60.030, 8-6-1987]
All trash, rubbish and garbage shall be collected and disposed of sufficiently frequently to prevent nuisance.
No person, firm or corporation shall collect trash, rubbish or garbage who does not possess a permit from the City of Hollister, and said permit shall be issued only after the City of Hollister has satisfied himself/herself that the applicant is capable of complying with this Chapter.
Collection of trash, rubbish and garbage shall be by means of public vehicles, or by means of other vehicles approved by the City of Hollister.
All trash, rubbish and garbage to be collected shall be placed at the street curb no later than 7:30 A.M. on the day such collection takes place, in a suitable container with lid, or as prescribed by regulations of the City of Hollister, excepting bundles of rubbish which are tied need not be put in containers.
The City of Hollister, Missouri, shall provide by its servants or employees, or by people with whom said City shall contract, for the collection of trash, rubbish and garbage from all residential housing units having City water connections, which includes apartment houses with residential housing units having one or more City water connections for each two (2) apartments, but excludes stores, filling stations, cafes, tourist courts, rooming houses, motels, hotels, apartment houses with only one (1) water connection having more than two (2) apartments, or any other commercial type business, with the said collection to be made at least once a week; and for such services, the occupant of each residential housing unit as described shall pay to the said City of Hollister, Missouri, a monthly sum as established by the Board of Aldermen of said City, with the said occupant to be billed monthly by the said City until the said occupant notifies the City of its desire to discontinue the service. The said charge shall continue each month whether or not the occupant has any trash, rubbish or garbage to be collected.
All other owners, occupants, or lessees of premises within the City limits of said City, not classified as one (1) of such residential housing units having a City water connection, shall be responsible for the collection and disposal of all trash, rubbish and garbage upon his/her premises at his/her own expense under the rules and regulations as herein set out.
[CC 1983 §60.040]
All disposal of trash, rubbish and garbage shall be by a method or methods specifically approved by the Division of Health; provided that such method or methods shall include the maximum practicable rodent, insect and nuisance control at the place or places of disposal.
[CC 1983 §60.050]
It shall be the duty of the occupants of each premises to maintain in a sanitary condition at all times the trash, rubbish and garbage facilities serving said premises.
[CC 1983 §60.070; Ord. No. 05-07, 3-17-2005]
The charge for collection may be amended by resolution of the Board of Aldermen from time to time upon thirty (30) days' notice to the customers of the change.
Each residential housing unit having a City water connection and not paying for commercial trash pickup will be required to pay for trash, rubbish and garbage collection as part of their monthly fees charged for services.
The City of Hollister will contract, through the open public bid process, with a licensed, certified agency to provide exclusive residential trash collection and recycling services for the City. This contract will be in force for a period not to exceed three (3) years, at which time new bids will be entertained.
[CC 1983 §60.080]
Any person, persons, firm, association, corporation, or the agent thereof, who shall neglect, fail or refuse to comply with the provisions of this Chapter, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and when convicted, shall be fined in the sum of not less than ten dollars ($10.00) nor more than twenty-five ($25.00), and each day that such person, persons, firm, association, corporation or agent thereof, shall neglect, fail, or refuse to comply with any of the provisions of this Chapter shall be deemed separate offenses and punished as herein provided.