City of Richmond, MO
Ray County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I Animal Control Officer

Section 210.010 Office Established.

Section 210.020 Declared Agent of City.

Section 210.030 Limitation on Earnings.

Article II General Provisions

Section 210.040 Definitions.

Section 210.050 Enforcement.

Section 210.060 Breeding of Certain Animals Declared a Nuisance and Prohibited.

Section 210.070 Livestock and Fowl Running at Large.

Section 210.080 Hitching Animals — Leaving Unattended.

Section 210.090 Fencing.

Section 210.100 City to Provide Animal Shelter.

Section 210.110 Officer in Charge of Animal Shelter to Keep Records.

Section 210.120 Turning Animal Loose for Purpose of Having It Impounded Prohibited.

Section 210.130 Barking Prohibited.

Section 210.140 Exemption of Hospitals, Etc., From Certain Provisions.

Section 210.150 Limitation on Number of Animals.

Section 210.160 Releasing or Abandonment of Animals or Fowl.

Section 210.170 Wild Animals and Fowl.

Section 210.180 Keeping Dangerous Animals or Reptiles.

Section 210.185 Keeper of Dangerous Wild Animals Must Register Animals, Exceptions — Penalty.

Section 210.186 Restrictions on Animals at Special Events.

Article III Regulations for Dogs

Section 210.190 Confinement of Female Dogs in Heat.

Section 210.200 Dogs Running at Large.

Section 210.210 Biting Dogs — Confinement or Impoundment.

Section 210.220 Dangerous Dogs.

Section 210.225 (Reserved)

Section 210.230 Impoundment Procedures.

Section 210.240 Poisoning Dogs.

Section 210.250 License Required.

Section 210.260 (Reserved)

Section 210.270 Kennel License.

Article IV Rabies Control

Section 210.280 Certificate of Immunization — Required.

Section 210.290 Certificate of Immunization — Exception.

Section 210.300 Reporting Animal Bites — Penalty.

Section 210.310 Animals Exposed to Rabies to Be Confined, Destroyed, Etc.

Section 210.320 Power of Mayor to Order All Dogs Confined When Rabies Is Suspected — Violations.

Article V Animal Abuse or Neglect

Section 210.330 Definitions.

Section 210.340 Animal Neglect or Abandonment.

Section 210.350 Animal Abuse.

Section 210.360 Exceptions.

Section 210.365 Killing or Disabling of a Police Animal.

Article VI Display of Wild and Exotic Animals — Regulations

Section 210.370 Summary.

Section 210.380 Definitions.

Section 210.390 Display of Wild or Exotic Animals Prohibited.

Section 210.400 Enforcement.

Section 210.410 Penalty.

Section 210.420 Exceptions.