City of Richmond, MO
Ray County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Cross References — Buildings and building regulations, §500.010 et seq.; mobile homes and mobile home parks, §420.010 et seq.; parks and recreation, §240.010 et seq.; planning, §400.010 et seq.; application for rezoning, §400.170; city council to consider reasonable zoning conditions, §400.170; use of rezoned property, §400.170; streets and sidewalks, §510.010 et seq.; water and sewers, §700.010 et seq.; subdivisions, ch. 410; sexually oriented businesses, ch. 420.
405a Table of Height
Article I Title

Section 405.010 Title.

Article II Establishment of Districts

Section 405.020 Purpose.

Section 405.030 Districts.

Section 405.040 Zoning District Map Adopted.

Section 405.050 District Descriptions.

Article III Definitions

Section 405.060 General.

Article IV Tabulation of Permitted Uses

Section 405.070 General.

Section 405.080 Permitted Uses.

Article V Conditional Uses

Section 405.090 General.

Section 405.100 Filing for Conditional Use Permit.

Section 405.110 Additional Requirements.

Section 405.120 Processing of Applications.

Section 405.130 Determination.

Section 405.140 Manufactured Homes District.

Section 405.145 Group Homes.

Section 405.150 Telecommunication Facilities.

Section 405.160 Residential Structures Located Within "B-3" District.

Section 405.170 (Reserved)

Section 405.180 (Reserved)

Article VI Accessory Uses

Section 405.190 General.

Section 405.200 General Limitations Upon Accessory Uses.

Section 405.210 Accessory Storage for Manufacturing or Wholesale Use.

Section 405.220 Accessory Service Activity for Retail or Wholesale Use.

Section 405.230 Accessory Retail Use for Service Activity.

Section 405.240 Accessory Uses Specifically Enumerated in the Table of Permitted Uses — General Limitations.

Section 405.250 Accessory Uses in Residential Districts — General.

Section 405.260 Accessory Uses in the "R-A" District — General.

Article VII Non-Conforming Uses

Section 405.270 General.

Section 405.280 Certificate of Occupancy.

Section 405.290 Continuation of Non-Conforming Use of Land.

Section 405.300 Change of Non-Conforming Use.

Section 405.310 Restoration of Non-Conforming Building.

Section 405.320 Discontinuance or Abandonment of Non-Conforming Use.

Article VIII Height, Area, Bulk and Dimensional Requirements

Section 405.330 General.

Section 405.340 Interpretation.

Section 405.345 Yard and Area Exceptions.

Section 405.347 Minimum Size Requirements for All Single-Family Dwellings.

Section 405.350 Table of Height, Area, Bulk and Dimensional Requirements.

Section 405.360 Additional Height Regulations.

Section 405.370 Additional Yard and Area Regulations.

Article IX Planned District

Section 405.380 General.

Section 405.390 Site Development Plan.

Section 405.400 Public Hearings.

Section 405.410 Planned District Approval.

Section 405.420 Variations.

Section 405.430 Requirements and Standards.

Article X Planned Group Development

Section 405.440 General.

Section 405.450 Preliminary Plan.

Section 405.460 Public Hearing.

Section 405.470 Final Plan.

Section 405.480 Processing of Applications.

Section 405.490 Additional Standards.

Section 405.500 Extension of Reversion.

Section 405.510 Disapproval.

Section 405.520 Filing and Recording.

Section 405.530 Amendments.

Article XI Off-Street Parking and Loading Regulations

Section 405.540 General.

Section 405.550 Obligation for Retaining Off-Street Parking or Loading Space.

Section 405.560 Off-Street Parking Requirements.

Section 405.570 Table of Off-Street Parking Requirements.

Section 405.580 Off-Street Loading Requirements.

Section 405.590 Table of Off-Street Loading Requirements.

Section 405.600 Determination of Required Number of Spaces.

Section 405.610 Location of Off-Street Parking.

Article XII Supplementary Regulations

Section 405.615 Bed and Breakfast Facilities — Rules and Regulations.

Article XIII Board of Zoning Adjustment

Section 405.620 Establishment.

Section 405.630 Powers and Duties.

Section 405.640 Notice of Public Hearing.

Article XIV Administration and Enforcement

Section 405.650 Zoning Administrator.

Section 405.660 Interpretation.

Section 405.670 Permits.

Section 405.680 Certificate of Occupancy.

Section 405.690 Changes and Amendments.

Section 405.700 Penalties.

Section 405.710 Invalidity of a Part.

Section 405.720 Adoption.