City of Louisiana, MO
Pike County
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Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Article I General Provisions

Section 705.005 Definitions.

Section 705.010 Adequate Sanitary Sewers Prerequisite To Service.

Section 705.020 Extension of Service.

Section 705.030 Installation of Pipes.

Section 705.040 Installation of Adequate Water Supply.

Section 705.050 Permit Required — When — Procedure For Connection To Public Water.

Section 705.060 Unauthorized Disturbance of Water System Prohibited.

Section 705.065 Lead Ban.

Section 705.070 Tampering With Water System Prohibited.

Section 705.080 Inspection — Right of Entry.

Section 705.090 Violations and Penalty.

Section 705.100 Responsibility of Water Service Customers.

Article II Rates

Section 705.110 Services Deemed Furnished To Both Occupant and Owner of Premises.

Article III Emergency Use Restrictions

Section 705.120 Proclamation — Generally.

Section 705.130 Proclamation — Forms of Proclamations.

Section 705.140 Notice.

Section 705.150 Effective Dates of Proclamations.

Section 705.160 Enforcement Officials.

Section 705.170 Coordination With Government Agencies.

Section 705.180 Application of Article.

Section 705.190 Certain Uses Prohibited.

Section 705.200 Conservation Plan Required of Large Commercial, Industrial, Institutions, Governmental Subdivision, Water Districts.

Section 705.210 Restrictions On Business, Institutional and Industrial Uses.

Section 705.220 Exception For Businesses Necessary To Public Welfare.

Section 705.230 Providing of Necessary Usage Data.

Section 705.240 Residential Use of Water.

Section 705.250 Exception To Maintain Sanitation.

Section 705.260 Termination of Water Service.

Section 705.270 Increased Costs For Water Service.

Section 705.280 Penalties.

Article IV Cross-Connection Control

Section 705.290 Cross-Connection Control — General Policy.

Section 705.300 Definitions.

Section 705.310 Cross-Connections Prohibited.

Section 705.320 Surveys and Investigations.

Section 705.330 Type of Protection Required.

Section 705.340 Where Protection Is Required.

Section 705.350 Backflow Prevention Devices.

Section 705.360 Installation.

Section 705.370 Inspection and Maintenance.

Section 705.380 Violations — Discontinuation of Service.

Article V Wastewater Rates

Section 705.390 Wastewater Rates.